Feliz Dia del Pavo

Wishing you all a Feliz Día del Pavo! 

Spanish lesson for this week: you can say Feliz Día del Pavo (literally Happy Day of the Turkey) or Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias (literally Happy Day of Thanksgiving) to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish.  I always hear people say the Pavo version, but after reading the actual Gracias version you can probably see why.  That’s a mouth full!

We’ll be enjoying the holiday with a lunch at my sister’s house filled with all the traditional American Thanksgiving food, followed by a dinner at our house with my husband’s family.  Tia is bringing the turkey.  I asked how she was going to cook it, and she responded, “Como normal.”  I assumed in that moment ‘normal’ meant the traditional roasted version, but after some thought, I’m placing bets that the turkey will arrive in mole sauce.  Any takers?  No matter how it’s prepared, it will be delicious!

Oh, wait… those aren’t turkeys. Those are roosters, and that was a different holiday – Mother’s Day. I will be posting about Mother’s Day 2016 a different day. No te preocupes!

{ Stay Tuned }

Working on a post about cultural differences in celebrating a baby’s first birthday for next week.  I’ll be getting some assistance from my cuñada (sister-in-law) who just threw a first birthday party for my adorable sobrino (nephew) Tomás in October.  Let’s just say there was a DJ and leave it at that for this week.  Read more about the fiest-ivities in my next post.

Jorge, Camila and I also just used up our end-of-season tomatillos from the garden to make a big batch of salsa verde last weekend.  It was my favorite salsa the hubs has made in the five years I’ve known him. Delicioso!  I’ll be sharing the recipe for you all to try.

Until then, enjoy time spent with family.  Be grateful for all your blessings.  Love one another.  And be kind to one another. 

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