About Me

I’m the guera in this blog, a thirty-something wife, mom, higher ed professional, hobby farmer, gardener, Latin dancer, DIY-er, and now blogger.  My crazy life keeps me busy and entertained.

In my day job, I work at a university.  In my night job, I feed chickens and pick eggs, pull weeds, harvest plants, and fill steers’ water troughs.  It’s quite the dichotomy, these two jobs, but it means I get the best of both worlds. Sometimes my husband and I get to sneak out for a night of Latin dancing with friends, something that used to be our weekly routine. Rest assured, music, dancing, and Latin-ness are still part of our everyday life!

My favorite role is being mommy to our little toddler.  It’s fun to see her grow up at the crossroads of two cultures and languages.  You’ll read the tales here of our Mexican-American adventures.